Jaye Houle


I have always been fascinated by patterns, natural and man-made. This initially led me to a career in geography. While living in Houston, Texas I took a stained glass class and what started out as a fun hobby grew into my passion. Insects became a particular focus in my work after I married a biologist whose research involved fruit flies and whose friends all worked on interesting insects as well.  After moving to Florida in 1999, I bought a kiln and began adding fused glass elements to my insects.  I now use enamels, glass powders and sandblasting to help me add ever more detail to my insects.
For my very first show I created a giant three-dimensional stained glass dragonfly to be  the symbol for my business.  With the twin inspirations of real insects and beautiful art glass, one species has led to another.   With each piece I create, I try to find the key that  will help me to distill the complexities of nature into simple, but recognizable, patterns
and forms.
Oh, and just in case you were wondering…each insect is, of course, biologist approved!
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